Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1991 Youth Exhibition

1991 Youth Exhibition ("Pameran Filateli Remaja")

This was another exhibition held in Manara Maybank (if you are following my blog, the previous one was MALPEX'89). It was held in Balai Seni, Menara Maybank from 18 - 27 October 1991.(10 days). I don't really have the first day exhibition cover for this exhibition. The picture above (I am sorry as it was a bit blur) was taken from the Melaka Stamp Muzium. It showed the exhibition cancellation and the 1st day cancellation of the Youth Philately Exibition. 10 daily cancellation was introduced. But so far, I have only seen the "exhibition cancellation" and daily cancellation of 18 Oct and 20 Oct. If anyone have the whole collection of the cancellations, I would really apppreciate if you can share it with me.

"Exhibition Cancellation"

"18 October cancellation"

Above was the enlarged version of the first day and exhibition cancellation. I am sorry as this is the clearest it can get. If you need to see the clearer version of this, you should go to Melaka Stamp Museum. It is small yet pretty informative and the entrance fee is only RM1!!!. As for the signature on the cover, I guess it was from someone who formally open the event.

My beautiful wife - in front of Melaka Stamp Museum :)

I hope the pic above would encourage everyone to pay a visit there. hehe. Just google Melaka Stamp Museum and you should be able to get there pretty easy.

"1991 Youth Philately Exhibition - Italy Day"

Now the exhibition cover I owned is this "Italy Day" cover with a set of frama label. It was when I obtained this exhibition cover that I discovered that Malaysia actually have the postal stationary known as "Frama Label". It was issued in 1987 and the one-and-only Frama Label vending machine was located in GPO Kuala Lumpur.

"Malaysia Frama Label Machine"

The above is the vending machine which print the Frama Label (pic taken from "Gulfmann Stamps Collection" blog, provided by kkkhor). And, like most of the public facility in Malaysia, it was broken.

"Italy Philately Club Invi Card??" Can anyone translate this?

If you are wondering why would there be "Italy Day" or "Hari Itali" during a Malaysia stamp exhibition... so do me. I guess Italy Philately was a c0-organiser of the event or they have have some exhibition booth at this exhibition, which warrant a day dedicated to them.

"Italy Day Poscard"

I also collected a Italy poscard, with Youth Philately Exhibition'91 overprint, Malaysia Map as the background and Italy stamps imprinted on it. A marvelous collector item.

I have gone a bit long winded today showing off my wife, Frama Label vending machine etc as it have been some time since I last update my blog. Being quite lazy recently and try to take it slow to enjoy my new life here in Australia. Thanks for everyone who are sending me emails to request for stamp/postcard/fdc exchange. I really appreciate that. I will try to drop you a nice cover from Brisbane (disclamer: the above statement was a presumption clause and does not commited to any act to comply).

Till next time, happy collecting. Cheers.


Firstdaycover said...

I had been to Melaka twice, unfortunately, i didn't know there is a museum there. Otherwise it shall be my first place to pay a visit.

Syeon said...

I think it only open in 2007. It was just behind the Pahlawan square. Hope you get a chance to visit there one day.

However, it was not that fancy though. But it sure illustrate all the important Malaysia postal history.

lefung said...

well, really nice items you have, especially the Frama Labels cover.
It is quite rare now..