Sunday, May 25, 2008

1995 Proton

1995 Proton Booklet on FDC

As I mention in my previous post, 1995 marked a crazy year for Pos Malaysia as they have issued 3 booklets with special pictorial cancellation but without any official first day covers. After the 1st two issue (Marine Life and Turtle), Malaysia philatelists started to realised the problem and thus got ready for the 3rd booklet issue for the year - Proton by creating their own private cachet. This issue got a lot of attention as the booklet stamps have 10 design and used real photograph (rather than drawing) as the stamp design.

Many version of the cachets are noted as quite a lot of stamp dealer have design their own cover for mass selling to the public. So far, I have collected 4 kind of covers, which are shown as below:

"Kuala Lumpur Type A - Front"

"Kuala Lumpur Type A - Back"

In my opinion, this is the nicest version. The front cover illustrates the Proton Satria and the details of the issues is printed at the back. The designer of this cover showed much details in his design. Although not sure about the quantity issued for this cover, it is still quite common and you still could obtain it from certain dealers.

"Kuala Lumpur Type B"

Type B design was a bit "rough". The printing seem to be using a ribbon type printer. However, nevertheless, it still illustrate a nice proton saga at the front of the cover.

"Ipoh Type C"

This cachet was created by a Ipoh stamp dealer (I believe you would have guess who). According to the dealer, only around 2,000 pieces of this were printed and made into FDC.

"Melaka Type C"

This is the Melaka version created by Mr. Tan, a stamp dealer from Melaka. As you can see, it is a simple version on blank envelope and design using the booklet skin. Mr Tan still have quite a number of stocks for this issue. If you wish to buy this version, you could try to search out Mr Tan ebay listing with the ebay id "winston6099".

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