Saturday, May 31, 2008

1985 Penpex

1985 Penang Philatelic Exhibition

In 1985, there were 3 major stamp exhibition in Malaysia: Aseanpex in March, Penpex in July and Perak Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition in December. What a year....

The picture above shows Penang Philatelic Exhibition ("Penpex") exhibition cover. The exhibition was organised by Penang Philatelic Society from 27 July - 4 Auguest 1985. From the cover, I would guess that the exhibition was held in Komtar, Penang. I would appreciate if anyone could confirm this.

Penang Philatelic Society has been very active and participated in most major exhibition like the 1994 Aseanpex and other local exhibition. If you look at their society's logo in the cover, it show a "diamond- shape chop with 147". This is the chop used in Penang in strait settlement time, where "147" represent the Penang local postal services.

The cover also have two very special and seldom seen cancellation: "POSTED AT PANPEX '85" and "SEE YOU AT BICENTENARY STAMP EXHIBITION 1986". I have not collected any 1986 bicentenary stamp exhibition cover and interested in buying one if anybody is letting go.

"Aseanpex exhibition cover posted at penpex"

"Penpex Slogan"

I also have this cover in my collection which shows a Penpex Slogan. Interestingly, it is actually a Aseanpex cover.

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