Friday, June 13, 2008

1985 MKSAK Basketball Championship V

1985 MKSAK Basketball Championship in Bukit Titiwangsa Genting

"Souvenir Cover - Front"

"MKSAK Basketball Championship Emblem"

This sovenir cover is special in the sense that it was issued to commemorate a non-philatelic event. This did not happen quite often in the Malaysia philatelic history and certainly a first time for a basketball championship.

In case you are asking, "MKSAK" stands for Majlis Kebudayaan dan Sukan Anggota Kerajaan, or Malaysia Cultural and Sports Organisation for Government Servants. This organisation later changed its name to MAKSAK "Majlis Kebajikan dan Sukan Anggota Kerajaan", Malaysia Welfare and Sports Organisation for Government Servants.

The cover is nicely designed using shadowline art to illustrate two players fighting for a rebound. With just a few strokes, it clearly illustrates the tense and energy involved between the players, which is an excellent presentation.

"Souvenior Cover Back"

The cover was affixed with 15 1c national flower series stamps from all states, which signified the participation from all states. The stamps on the front of the cover were cancelled with Genting Highland "k" postmarks. The stamps on the back of the cover were cancelled with Genting Highland "m" postmarks.

I am very impressed with the "m" postmarks at the back of the cover. The postmark is very big and cancelled SIX stamps at one chop. Another special feature for this cancellation is that is actually showed the time of cancellation, 4.30pm, which is quite unusual and hard-to-come-about.

Sports is really important for all. I believe that even philately enthutiast should stay active to be healthy. Come on !!! Get some slam dunk action happening and don't lazzz in front of the computer reading blog !!! (except for reading some interesting blog like this one) .... Cheers.

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