Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1996 International Aviation Exposition

1996 International Aviation Exposition: Malaysia-Chiana Joint-Issue Cover

"Cover Front"

"Cover Back"

This is a cover jointly issued by China and Malaysia to commemorate the first International Aviation Expo being held in China in 1996. This joint issue cover is the the first-of-its-kind for Malaysia jointly issue philately items.

What is unique about this issue is that it is a "jointly issued cover" and not "jointly issued stamp". However, the description on the back is a little confusing:

"In order to congratulate '96 China International Aviation Exposition Held in China for the First time, we issued this commemorative stamp jointly"

The mandarin description however said that it is a jointly issued cover and not stamp. The mandarin description is correct. Only a joint issue cover issued and not the stamp.

The Expo, also known as Airshow China, is the only international aerospace exhibition in China that is approved by the Chinese Central Government, features real-size object display, trade disscussions, technical exchanges and flying display. Since the advent of Airshow China in 1996, it has been successfully held for 7 times and growing rapidly into one of the most influential international airshows in the Asian-Pacific Region and an ideal gateway to the vast Chinese market for aerospace companies from around the world.

The picture above shows the Malaysia cancellation of the '96 China International Aviation Exposition by POS Malaysia. The cancellation shows the building structure where the Expo is held, in Zhuhai, one of China's five special economic zones. The China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition is a biennial event.

As you may notice, the stamp affixed was not a Malaysia stamp. Instead, it is a United Nation stamp with denomination of 32c. I have got this cover from a China stamp collector. According to her, this could be due to the Pos Malaysia have not bring sufficient stamp and thus a United Nation stamp is used. As Malaysia is a member of UN, this should be legal... I think.

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