Friday, July 18, 2008

1991 Kaoh Siung First Flight Cover

1991 Malaysian Airline - First Flight to Kaoh Siung, Taiwan

China has commenced its first commercial flight to Taiwan at 4 july 2008 after 6 decades. Have you every wonder when is Malaysia first flight to Taiwan? Well, according to the cover as above, the first flight to Kaah Siong, Taiwan by Malaysian Airline was as at 1 April 1991. Please note that it was coincidently at April Fool Day!!

"Special First Flight Cancellation"

"Received cancellation from Taiwan"

As usual, the first flight cover ("FFC") has got the first flight pictorial cancellation from MAS and also the return cancellation from taiwan at the back.

How often did you look at a stamp/cover and have the feeling "ah!! I have been there!!". Well, this FFC showing the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas reminded me of the sweet memories we (me and my girlfriend - who is now my wife) had when we pay a visit to Taiwan.

No joke!! I have really been there. See the picture below:

Me and the girl of my life having a picture in front of the pagodas. We are so in love back then (and still is now) and everything around us just become sooo... magically beautiful. The pagodas is situated in the Lotus Lake. The dragon's throat is the entrance and the tiger's mouth is the exit. Entering a dragon's throat and coming out a tiger's mouth symboilizes turning bad luck to good fortune. Inside, paintings depict China's 24 most obedient sons as well as scenes of heaven and hell to inspire people to do good deeds during their lifetime, and to provide threatening examples of retribution for wrongdoing

We came out from the tiger mouth!!

About 700 meters to the north of the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are Spring and Autumn Pavilions (which can be seen at the pic above). These two pavilions are dedicated to Kuan Kung, the God of War, the Spring and Autumn Pavilions were completed in 1951. In front of the pavilions is a statue of Kuanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, riding a dragon. According to legend, Kuanyin appeared above the clouds riding on a dragon, signifying that believers must erect an image depicting this event between "pavilions of summer and autumn": The present-day structures are a result of this vision.

Wau, this is the first time in my blogging history where I have showed my real face. Hope you don't find me exceptionally handsome and fall in love with me, or another way round.

Till next time, hope you are happily in love, blessed with good health and good fortune!!

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