Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008 100th Anniversary of St. John

2008 100th Anniversary of St. John

It has always been a good thing that Pos Malaysia allowed the public to do their own first day cover and have it stamp at the counter. From my understanding, some postal service in country like Singapore and Australia would not let the philatelist do that anymore. All FDCs have to be pre-order. It will then be readily-made and be collected/sent to the buyer after they are issue. Thus, in Malaysia, with some creativity and delicate hand, you can make a one-and-only-special FDC.

Pos Malaysia stamps often have very nice design on the no-value tab. you will only get a tab if you buy full pane of stamp (normally in the amount of 20 stamp per pane). For this issue, I have bought a oversize blank cover and arrange the stamp side-by-side with its tab, creating a very nice visual effect.

But now looking at it, I should have make the red on top, yellow in the middle and green at the bottom. It will then look like a traffic light. hehehehe.

What do you think of my creation?

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