Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1989 Malpex

1989 Malaysia Philatelic Exhibition ("MALPEX")

Before starting today blog, I wish to say sorry to all the fan of this blog as there was no update for like one month long. The fact was that I had migrated to Australia. To get use to the environment here and start my life all anew really took some time. I have just got my internet hook up and thus can continue to write philately blog again. YEAH!!
I am also starting to collect Australia philately items. So perhaps the I would share some with you all in "Uniquely Australia" blog next time.. who knows.

" MALPEX'89 Exhibition Cover"

MALPEX was held in 1989 in Manara Maybank from 24 March to 2 April (10 days). I have no idea how large the event was but it was surely great for a 10 days event. The cover illustrate a Malaysia flag with Menara Maybank (at Jalan pudu) at the side.

The exhibition covers as above have preprinted 20 sen "stamp" on it feature the Oil Palm. The agricaltural series is the longest states definitives series in malaysia.

"Daily cancellation"

As with most of the stamp exhibition, daily cancellation was available. However, no exhibition cancellation noted. The cancellation featured the usual staff: hibiscus, map of malaysia, stamp, Pos Malaysia logo, Maybank logo, Visit Malaysia Year etc. Nothing too interesting except they have shapes like octagon and oval.

"Malpex - Youth Day"

Among the exhibition, I have recently discovered this to be an intereting cover. Well, this item actually fall under a thematic collection of "stamp under glass". It is basically featuring stamp, cancellation or cover with stamp under manifying glass. I have not heared about this theme until I visited the webside by Judy Hornady here.

Go there and have a look at that webside. I hope you can enjoy it as I am.

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