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1992 Asian Philatelic Exhibition

KL'92 5th Asian International Philatelic Exhibition

"KL'92 Exhibition Cover with first day cancellation"

After multiple years in organising smaller philatelic exhibition, Pos Malaysia finally got a chance to organised an event at international level - the "5th Asian International Philatelic Exhibition". I find it a bit weird to call it "Asian International" because logically, you should be either Asian, or International.. and not both.

But anyhow, that is not the point. The point was that this exhibition was phenomenal!! Postal services all over the world had participated in this exhibition and tons of exhibits, booth and activities was sets up for the participants.

The event was held from 1 Sept to 7 Sept 1992. I am not sure about the location of the event. But my guess would be the Muzium Negara.

"KL'92 - Daily exhibition Cancellation"

Like all philatelic exhibition, the daily cancellation was introduced. Each of the cancellation represent different theme for the day. From top left were "Philatelist Day", "Youth Day", "Thematic Day", "Award Presentation Day", "Pos Malaysia Day" and "FIAP Day".

"First day cancellation"

The Stamp introduced was to commemorate 125th years since the first stamp in Malaysia. The stamps featured interesting design which now fits into a thematic category called "stamp on stamp". This basically mean there are a group of collector who like to collect stamps which have stamps printed on them. It was actually a very interesting theme.

"KL 92 - Exhibition cover with full set of new stamps"

If you are interested in "stamp on stamp", you might want to visit here.

"Official MS on FDC for 125th anniversary of first stamp issued in Malaysia"

This was the official FDC issued. As you can see, the post man uniform at that point of time does change a bit as compared to now.

"125th years of first stamp in Malaysia - FDC with stamps"

The first day cover itself actually fits in the category of thematic collection for "stamp under glass", which I had introduced in my previous blog.

As I have mention above, ton of postal services from over the world came to Kuala Lumpur to participate in this events. To commemorate this, most of the postal services have issued stamps, miniature sheet, exhibition cover as well as cancellation specially for the philatelic exhibition. For instances, Hong Kong have issued 2 miniature sheet with KL' 92 overprint. Tuvalu have also have their fish series overprint (see below).

"Tuvalu KL'92"

Just in case you wonder where is Tuvalu, it is a beautiful island in the middle of the pacific ocean. There have only a few series of stamps issued. Click here if you are interested in this country's stamps.

As there is so many booths around, people start going around and collect the KL'92 cancellation from all the participating postal services. Here are some of the cancellation I have manage to collect.

"KL'92 Singapore"

"KL'92 Indonesia - wayang kulit / hand puppet"

"KL' 92 Korea"

"KL'92 Nauru (another island in the pacific ocean)"

"KL'92 Hong Kong"

"KL'92 P.N.G"

Just in case you are wondering what is "P.N.G", it stands for Papua New Guinea. I try to figure out what is the picture as illustrated on the cancellation but just can't work it out. It seem like a coral or birds. If anybody know what is it, please do tell me.

"KL'92 Solomon Islands - Butterfly"

This cancellation would be nice for philatelic cum butterfly lover.

"KL'92 Tuvalu"

"KL'92 Tuvalu - FDC cancellation for the overprint stamp"

"KL '92 Viet Nam"

I apologized for not having a nicer version of the Viet Nam cancellation. This is the best I have got. If you have a sample of this cancellation which can provide to me, please do email me the image. I will really appreciate that.

After introducing all the cancellation above, do you know of any cancellation regarding KL'92 which you want to share? If so, please do email me. I would definitely like to make this blog as complete as ever. But I alone can't have all the information available and thus hope this blog could server like the "wikipedia" concept and pool as much information as possible regarding this exhibition.

"Australia Special KL'92 cover"

If you have participated in this event, you might have bought the cover as shown above. Sprintpak was a supplier who have participated in this exhibition to demonstrate a auto-affixed technology. It showcase a machine which auto affixed the stamps at pre-set location on a cover and machine cancelled it.

"Sprintpak - stamp perfectly affixed an cancelled"

See above for the result. The stamp and cancellation was at a exact perfect position. The technology could be used to mass produce FDC and souvenior covers for the postal services to be sold to collectors.

Making philatelic history with a number of world firsts, Sprintpak has carved a strategically important niche in the international philatelic and collectible packaging market. Today, a commitment to vigorous research and development and a growing reputation as one of the world`s best, Sprintpak is setting its sights on new business opportunities.

When it comes to business diversification, Sprintpak, a fully owned business of Australia Post, is ahead of the pack.

Specialising in providing high quality finishing processes in the production of postage stamps, philatelic products and other related products such as numismatic, collector albums and book publications, Sprintpak has gone from strength to strength since it began in the 1970s.

For those who have followed this unique businesses lifecycle it would have been difficult to predict the amazing outcome of this relatively obscure service provider.

Sprintpak was launched as a division of Mayne Nickless, an Australian transport and distribution company, firstly supplying stamp packs to Post and then later first day covers and the annual collection stamp album.

Recognising the strategic importance to Post`s philatelic division, Sprintpak was purchased in 1987 and incorporated as a division of the postal corporation in 1994. Sprintpak is now a business unit of Post Logistics.

This is why when you purchase Australia FDC, you seldom see flaw or damage on the stamps, cancellations or covers. The FDCs produced by Australia post are so perfect due to the Sprintpak technology being employed. As for Malaysia.... our postal services still very much believe in human power. If you ever visited the philately counter in Complex Dayabumi, you may even find a scene where the Pos Malaysia staffs are affixing stamp to FDCs and hand stamp them. This is why you will find not-straightly-affixed-stamp or dirtied-cancelled FDC when you have a SODA account in Pos Malaysia and have them send you every issue of new FDC.

In 1992, Australia Post was already using this technology. It was 2008 now... which mean Pos Malaysia Bureau Philately was about 16 years behind. Not too bad....

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Syeon said...

Mohd Nizamuddin Safie had pointed out that the PNG cancellation is the image of the "Raggiana Bird of Paradise" which is the national bird of Papua New Guinea. The bird also appear on the flag and coat of arms of Papua New Guinea.

After checking out the image of this bird in Wikipedia I have to agree to that.

Thanks. Mohd Nizamuddin Safie