Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2000 Millennium

2000 Millennium Souvenir FDC

First thing first, Happy 2009 !!!

Yeap. Time passed like nobody business. It is year 2009 already. I have been writing this blog for 9 months. . . .

Tons of things happen in the previous year (2008). I got married, changed job, migrate, traveling, set up this blog, become an uncle as my sis-in-law give birth to a cute baby girl. . . . what a year I would say.

And sorry for not updating this blog for quite some time. I have gone for a long vacation in New Zealand. I had a really nice vacation bungy jumping, sky diving, horse riding, luging, zorbing, cruising, spa, shopping, rafting, sight seeing etc etc etc. There is just so much to do in New Zealand. Please put it in one of your "must go places before you die"!!

Quote: "Stamps let you see the world, but it is better to see it yourself".

"2000 Millennium Cover #1"

"2000 Millennium Cover #1 Cancellation"

Since we are all in the new year mode, let me showcase something which fits this theme, 2000 millennium souvenir cover. As a grand event of our generation, many postal services around the globe had issued FDC to commemorate this event. Pos Malaysia join in the fun and issued "several" series of stamps for this event. Apparently motivated by earning more money from the event, they choose quantity over quality. the 2000 millennium series, from my view, was not nicely designed and presented.

The souvenior cover as shown above was from a special folder issued for the event. The folder cost RM25 and consist of an album which highlight Malaysia development over the passed millennium and 2 souvenior covers. The above is cover #1. The selling point of this issued was that you have to buy this folder to get this exclusive cover, exclusive miniature sheet and exclusive cancellation. Now do you realised how exclusive it is?

"2000 Millennium Cover #2"

"2000 Millennium Cover #2 Cancellation"

The design of the souvenior cover actually fits the theme quite well. It give us the idea of where the new millenium would be an "astro" era, advancement, technology, hi-tech, unknown and should various element. Both miniature sheets are Rm5 and show an universe view of the earth, with a ship "sailing into the next millennium".

From the design point of view, this issue could be the best-designed issue for the whole millennnium celebration series. Due to the high price, the quantity issued was quite limited and should be highly sought after by various collector. But to my surprise, some of the post office still have this item in their "philately" section and you can still purchase them at original price (I am not joking). However, due to the poor handling of the Pos Malaysia staff, some of the cover had turn yellowish. My guess was that these covers was not prepared in an environment with low humidity.

A new year stamp to mark the new starting for everyone in the world. I hope all readers of my blog will be bless with good health and mind in 2009!!

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