Saturday, March 15, 2008

1965 Birds

1965 Birds Definitive Series - Post Office Stamp Exhibition

As the first post for this blog, I would like to show you my personal favorite cover of all time. The 1965 national definitive series were the first definitive stamps issued after the independence before they were replaced by the 1970 national butterflies series.

This sets of stamp contained 8 stamps featuring birds in Malaysia with denomination of 25c, 30c, 50c, 75c, $1, $2, $5 and $10 (total face value of $19.80 on the FDC). $19.80 meant a lot in 1965!!! Just imagine, a bowl of noodles would only cost you 30c at that time while now it cost you like $3. Due to the high value, it was pretty hard to get a full set on the FDC. The FDC you will normally find from dealers and collectors would only be the low value from the sets, ie: 25c, 30c, 50c, 75c. This set has a lot of variety such as watermark inverted, blue omitted, dot in “Y” etc in them. For details of these, please check the Standard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei by International Stamp & Coin Sdn. Bhd.

What makes this FDC a little bit more special is its “1965 Pameran Setem Pejabat Pos” (which mean “Post Office Stamp Exhibition”) cancellation. I am not sure where the venue of this exhibition held. But I guess it should be at Dayabumi Complex, Pos Malaysia Headquarters. If any of the readers have any information about this event, please also share it with us under the “comments".

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Ben YMY said...

Great set - kinda envious :) This FDC is very hard to find. Do tell me when u r getting bored of it and wish to let go :)