Sunday, March 16, 2008

1996 Stamp Week

1996 – Stamp Week: Wildlife

1996 Stamp Week was the first stamp week organised by POS Malaysia from 2 - 7 December 2006. It was held in GPO Kuala Lumpur. The Stamp Week was a really great event with more than 15 booths of stamp dealers (if I remember clearly) from local and other Asia countries participated. The artist for this set of stamp, Mr Tay Yew Kiang, was also present to sign for the FDC.

The "Stamp Week '96" cancellation could only be gotten at the stamp week venue. This issues did not have the day-to-day stamp week cancellation.

The event was very grand with tons of people, dealers and stamp club participated. If you compared it to the recent 2007 stamp week held in 1 Utama Shopping Center with only 3 dealers and 1 Pos Malaysia booth, you will know what I meant. I wonder if it is due to the limited budget or the declining of Malaysian enthusiast in philately, the Stamp Week event is getting smaller and smaller…..

One special item worthwhile to be added to all philately fanatic collection is the Litho Print special cover. It originally cost RM15.

Litho actually refers to "lithography" in short. Lithography is a method for printing on a smooth surface. Invented by Bavarian author Alois Senefelder in 1796, it can be used to print text or artwork onto paper or other suitable material.

Lithography is a printing process that uses chemical processes to create an image. For instance, the positive part of an image would be a hydrophobic chemical, while the negative image would be water. Thus, when the plate is introduced to a compatible ink and water mixture, the ink will adhere to the positive image and the water will clean the negative image. This allows for a relatively flat print plate which allows for much longer runs than the older physical methods of imaging (e.g., embossing or engraving).

If you would like to find out more about lithography, please refer to:

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