Sunday, March 23, 2008

1997 Stamp Week

1997 Stamp Week - Protected Wildlife

The above is the protected wildlife FDC issued for the 1997 stamp week. The miniature sheet issued was superb and nice (as usual, they are design by the all famous Mr Tay Yew Kiang). However, the cover design was very disappointing. Since 1957, we barely see any mono-colored FDC any more. And now, it resurfaced again. I believe Pos Malaysia had design the cover last minute.

Special stamp week cancellation like this could be gotten if you have attended the event at GPO Kuala Lumpur. Again, similar to 1996 stamp week, it is a big event with tons of activities.

Due to the sucky FDC, I had decided to purchase the pewter and nobium FDC. Now, these FDC design is more like it. With both covers illustrating the rain forest in Malaysia. Note that both covers design are different. The nobium FDC is nicer with the gold covered fish with nobium deep blue background. The original selling price for the nobium FDC is RM98 while the pewter on is RM25.

I am glab I bought both and got the stamp week cancellations as well as the designer's signature on them.

Now, if you look at ebay or some of the philatelic website, you may notice this miniature sheet ("MS"). It is not listed in the catalougue by International Stamps and Coins. This MS was issued by the Southern Colour Print in commemorative of the Stamp Week.

Southern Colour Print is a New Zealand Company specialised in the secure printing of stamps, books etc (see more details at They were present at the 1997 stamp week, on invitation by Pos Malaysia, to demonstrate the printing of MS. Thus, this was the design that they had come out. Very limited quantity of this miniature sheet were noted. I was glad to get the New Zealand designer's signature on this cover too.

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