Friday, March 28, 2008

1998 Stamp Week

1998 Stamp Week - Insects

Stamp Week 1998 was held from 26 November - 6 December 1998 (9 days) at the General Post Office Komplek Dayabumi building. This was a very nice cover featuring insects in Malaysia. The cover was designed by PK.Chua, whose signature is on the cover.

Stamp Week Cancellation
(gotten from the Stamp Week Venue)

This was the first year of stamp week where POS Malaysia issued various pictorial cancellation for each 9 days of the events. The pictorial cancellation are illustrated as above. However, I still can't get any FDC with these 9 days cancellation for my collection. If anybody who read this and would like to sell/exchange with me a copy this cover, I will be very thankful.

Pewter and Niobium FDC was also issued for this event. However, I have none of these in my collection and thus could not share it with you all. There was also a imperf sheetlet of 4 miniature sheet issued. The original selling price, if not mistaken was RM40. For your information, as of today, you still could get this item at certain small post office for the original price. I guess not much collector was interested in collect it.

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