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1981 Chinwoo Exhibition

1981 Chinwoo Stamp Exhibition

"Exhition Cover"

"Exhibition Invitation Card - Front"

"Exhibition Invitation Card - Back"

"Invitation Card - 1st page"

"Invitation Card - 2nd page"

Sometime, stamp exhibition are organised by the non philatelic association. For this case, the 1981 Chin Woo Stamp Exhibition was organised by the Persatuan Sukan Chinwoo Selangor (Chin Woo Athletic Association. This was pretty unusual. My guess was that someone in the Chin Woo Association was also a stamp fanatic.

The Chinwoo association has been very supportive in promoting stamp collecting. For instance, the recent Penang Philatelic stamp Fair from 15 - 16 December 2007 was also held in Penang Ladies Chin Woo Athletic Association, Anson Road.

"Chin Woo Emblem"

For the Chinese, when we heard about the word Chin Woo, we would most probably think about Kung Fu or Wu Shu.

The Chin Woo Association (formed in 1915) is a Chinese cultural association that oversees a number of sports and activities, mostly, but not entirely of Chinese origin. Since it's beginning, through to the present day, the pride that the Chinese have in their culture has been reflected by its huge membership and its striving for excellence. Like for example the British Amateur Sports association it controls, regulates and encourages the continuation of participation in the activities that it supports.

Originally based in China encouraging wushu - Chinese martial arts - only, it now covers many continents with branches in many parts of China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, England, Australia, U.S.A, Russia and many other countries, organising a huge spectrum of activities. Activities such as wushu, Chinese calligraphy, painting, music, dancing, cuisine, and many others of of Chinese origin are practised and taught under the Chin Woo in Asia as well as other parts of the world. Additionally the huge variety of more Western type activities and sports in Asian countries including tennis, basketball and football are almost entirely organised by the Chin Woo, which is the case in Malaysia where the Chin Woo is particularly well established.

The Chin Woo was officially founded in 1915 by the students of a wushu shi fu, a Master and teacher of wushu called Huo Yean Jia (there is even a movie about him starring Jet Li). However although officially founded by these students it was this Huo himself whose work really established it and is recognised as the true founder. The Chin woo having been founded on the spirit of a martial art represents a great pride in all things Chinese. Martial arts as the name suggests have developed from methods of war, strategy or technique be it armed or unarmed, and war is ofter waged on external forces, thereby accentuating national feeling. The timing of the Chin Woo's birth is also of no coincidence. It was born out of two centuries of desperation and low moral for China, who had been humiliated, attacked, invaded conquered by a number of foreign powers, which is immensely degrading for any country, more so for a proud one with a history of being the "Emperor of Asia".

You could search the web for more information about this association.

Lastly, I thank this association in their effort in promoting philately.

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