Thursday, April 17, 2008

1995 National Stamp Exhibition

1995 Kuching, Sarawak National Stamp Exhibition

"1995 Sarawak National Stamp Exhibition Cover"

Another major even for 1995 was the Kuching Sarawak National Exhibition. I have not taken part in this event and thus would not know how grand the event was and how long the exhibition last. As 26 September was Tuesday, thus i would assume that it lasted for a week.

As the exhibition start on the first day of issue for the Turtle of Malaysia booklet, thus this cover is sometime regarded as the official FDC for the stamps.

"1995 First Day Exhibition Cancellation"

A special pictorial cancellation is also issued for each day of the exhibition. The first day exhibition postmark feature the hornbill, the state identity for Sarawak. If you are interested in collecting all hornbill theme stamp/postal stationery from Malaysia, you may want to visit here.

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