Thursday, April 17, 2008

1995 Turtle Booklet FDC

1995 Turtle of Malaysia Booklet on FDC

"Turtle FDC - Kuala Lumpur version (front and back)"

1995 marked a crazy year for POS Malaysia as they have issued 3 booklets, ie: Marine Paradise, Turtle of Malaysia and Proton. What's interesting was that for all these 3 issues, a special pictorial cancellation was introduced, however, no official first day cover issued. Thus, philatelic enthusiasts have made their own copy of first day cover. However, through all my years of exploring, I could not find any nicely printed cachet for this issue. All 3 kinds of cover I found was just blank cover design using the booklet skin.

"Turtle FDC - Pulau Pinang version"

Pulau penang version is very nicely made using the booklet skin pasted on the face of the FDC (unlike the KL version which is pasted at the back of the cover). However, it has no full set of 10v turtle stamps.

"Turtle FDC - Melaka version"

As you can see from above, the Melaka version is the simplest among all.

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